Chế độ bảo hành

by Admin 2 năm trước

All Accounts Provided By Website are only used for the purpose of Running Ads, Seedling Clean Articles.
– Prohibit using content that violates the law, politics, debauchery, wrong purpose. If you deliberately use it, you will be deducted all money and band from the system forever, and have to take full responsibility before the law.
1 to 1 Return Warranty Policy:

1. Warranty 24 hours from the time you receive the link to invite BM under the condition that you have NOT ADD TRIED or have NOT CREATEd your account. With BM available, TKQC has no warranty if TKQC has ADD card, drafts camp. All other forms like expired Link, BM loses verifying our business only warranty up to 1 hour after you buy it. Please. Because before buying, we have fully checked before delivering to you

2. We disclaim any warranty fraud and terminate cooperation.

3. Lower the admin rights of VIA’s staff (we provide a link that can Lower QTV, and as an employee, VIA will not be able to do anything so you are not afraid of losing BM), DO NOT REMOVE TO AVOID BM. INCREDIBLE DIE. Deletion will not be covered under warranty if any problem occurs.
4. No warranty for cases beyond the warranty period. The warranty period is calculated from the time you receive the BM until you text Support to request warranty!

5: Note for additional warranty: When you receive the Bm successfully. Note when creating a backup link (Create a backup link that needs to be shared with Full admin and New financial rights do not lead to Checkpoint and Die Bm). The case of creating Link Backup leading to Die Bm will not be covered by the Warranty. When you want to Share Bm link via 1 Other Via Not Die Bm, Share Employee Rights via new Via to receive, Then upgrade to admin later will not die.
Note when receiving the Link, Any Link that can lower the Admin by itself, everyone buys it and downgrades it to Safety. Any link that can’t be downgraded, contact Zalo Admin for Admin to help and Out. Any case after that when the purchase does not follow the Notice will not be resolved.

6: Minimum deposit 100$

Via warranty:
1: Warranty wrong password 1-1 and login checkpoint for the first time.
2: Recently facebook scans personal advertising accounts, any via. The system only provides Accout FB has been changed 100% clean. No matter which Facebook Account Log in without any interaction at the new machine, the rate of clicking on TKCN will be Die high. In this case, Resistance will return after 3-6 hours. No warranty in this case.